Laguna Acupuncture Clinic

Beatriz Laguna
Dip.Ac. Lic.Ac. C.Ac. Nanjing

AFPA Membership no. 8506
Approved by VHI, Laya Healthcare, Hibernian Health, HSF, ESB and Garda Schemes

What to expect on your first visit

Your first visit will take approximately one and a half hours and will include an acupuncture treatment. We will go through the symptoms you are concerned about and I will take a full medical and family history. I follow an acupuncture protocol which notes all aspects of your life: environment, lifestyle and emotional experience. I will then refer to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory to help me diagnose which pattern of disharmony is affecting you. I take your pulse on both wrists and ask to see your tongue which is an integral part of TCM diagnosis. Based on this I design a treatment plan that may include acupuncture, moxabustion or cupping therapy and may make a few suggestions regarding your condition. Subsequent treatments take approximately one hour.

Before your first acupuncture session there are several things you should bear in mind:

  • It is helpful to wear clothing that is loose and comfortable

  • Try not to go for treatment on an empty stomach or straight after a heavy meal

  • Most people find acupuncture relaxing and often feel very calm after a treatment. You may feel a little tired or sleepy and should take this into account if you are planning to drive or use heavy machinery straight after your treatment.

  • You should refrain from vigorous exercise after treatment and, ideally, give yourself a little time to rest. It is also advisable not to drink alcohol for several hours after treatment.

  • Acupuncture has very few side effects and any that do occur are usually mild and self-correcting. A small bruise may sometimes appear at the site of insertion with some people being more prone to bruising than others.

  • Cupping can sometimes temporarily mark the skin. Such bruising is painless and generally clears within a few days.

  • Moxibustion can cause the skin to redden due to its warming nature, but this will dissipate within a few hours.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at: or ring me at 086 3466414.



Adults: €45.00

Adolescents and children: €25.00

Should you need to cancel or reschedule your session please give at least 24 hours notice, otherwise payment must be made for the missed session.

What to expect on your first visit


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